Core values

About Us

Dependability, Value,  professionalism and old-fashioned manners.


We want your experience with our Shaffer Settlements to be the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We're here to answer all of your questions, and find the right solution for you.

Shaffer Settlements offers a refreshing alternative for real estate closings. We are determined to fill a niche where the closing experience is more comfortable and respectful; less threatening and less expensive.

How we do business is as important to us as what we do as a business. Agents are treated as professionals, and buyers are treated with manners, integrity and respect. These core values make Shaffer Settlements the first choice of real estate professionals and their clients.

More Dependability

No one can guarantee there will be no surprises, but if you close with Shaffer Settlements, the only big surprise will be how few there are. Shaffer's superior customer service, and attention to detail, greatly reduces the possibility of last minute surprises. Contact us today, for a better experience.